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Software adds a whole new dimension to personal embroideries. Husqvarna Viking Software is a technically advanced, yet highly user-friendly range of software. Get the most from your investment with classes provided FREE if you purchased the software from Sew n Sew. ($60 value) Teacher: Deb

 Appleton: Mondays: 1-3 or 5:30-7:30

         September 10th Premier +2 Design Creator I

         October 15th     Premier +2 Photo Stitch

          November 5th    Premier +2 Cross Stitcher

          December 10th Premier +2 Appliqué

         January 14th     Premier +2 Getting Started in Premier

Waupaca: Thursdays: 1-3 or 5:30-7:30

              September 13th Premier+2 Design Creator

              October 11th     Premier +2 Design Creator II

               November 8th    Premier +2 Photo Stitch

               December 13th   Premier +2 Cross Stitcher

               January 10th      Premier +2 Appliqué

Instructor Name:Deb
Instructor Bio:Deb